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KupaPush pack

KupaPush pack

KupaPush förpackning


KupaPush pair

KupaPush pair

Push up Cup

Triangular push up Cup suitable for lingerie, swimwear and activewear
Thickness 1mm
Push up from side and below
colour: Skin
Availiable in 5 different sizes
76% Poly-Urethan-Foam
24% Synth. Tricot (PES)

strl. 38 - 70A, 65B
strl. 40 - 75A, 70B,
strl. 42 - 80A, 75B, 70C
strl. 44 - 85A, 80B, 75C, 70D
strl. 46 - 90A, 85B, 80C, 75D, 70E